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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  July 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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11-year-old in the hospital wounded by a stray bullet. neighbors want answers. they say local leaders aren't talking. and a local high rise looks nice on the outside. but something is going on inside and the atf is investigating why are so many fires breaking out? live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. 11-year-old boy caught in a crossfire is in critical but stable condition at chop right now he was inside his home when stray bullet hit him. meanwhile community members are worried and pleading for change. where we begin night at 6:00. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. that shootin shooting has just e add community. already fed up with violence. fox 29's sabina kuriakose joins us live from chester. is a ben in a? >> reporter: lucy and iain, two days after this child was shot calls are growing in the community for public officials to step forward and take action.
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so after repeatedly declining our requests for on camera comment we caught up with the mayor outside his office. >> come on. >> chester mayor thaddeus kirk lapped responding to concerns from neighbors and community leaders all wanting to know why city officials have seemingly kept a low profile after an 11-year-old boy was shot by a stray bullet while he sat inside his home over the weekend. the shooting comes as chester faces another round of gun violence. it's 20th homicide happened hours before the child was struck. >> we don't rush to the scene because there's some persons that like rushing to the scene and being seen and want to know where mayor and council are. mayor and council, we have a police department and what we do we try to stay out of the way so that our police department can do their investigation. >> the mayor taking issue with community members like pastor calvin williams who told us people here have been upset their elected officials have not been publicl publicly addressine
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violent much the allegations have exposed a rift between residents and city hall. >> nothing. i don't hear anything. >> it's scary you have to live like this. >> they should have been there. especially when it's a child shot. it's like everybody should show up. no matter what you're doing, i'm quite sure that you can put things on hold for minute just to show up to help our people, you know, in our communities. and in our interview the mayor told us that he is in the community regularly working with young people to find ways to reduce gun violence. he says he needs help from his constituents to do so. he also says that he has not yet reached out to the family of this young boy who was shot but he says he is getting regular updates from his command staff on the police investigation. and lucy and iain tonight that little boy is expected to survive. back to you. >> all right. well that is some good news there. sabina, thank you. the man shot a philadelphia cop now notice how long he has to stay in prison. a judge sensed william nobody
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lip to 35 to 75 years in prison jury found him guilty in april of the 2015 shooting of officer daniel cos stick it happened at 50th and master while he was on bike patrol. he was at today's sentencing but he let the district attorney's office do the talking. >> mr. noblin knew what he was doing in this case he stated i'm sorry, i didn't want to have to do this to you. he reached into his waistband and he pulled out a firearm which he's prohibited from possessing. the defendant for whatever reason did not want, forks whatever reason the defendant attacked officer cos stick that night. but the defendant fully was aware of what he was doing. >> the defense argued that officer cos stick was the one who got aggressive off the bat and argument the jury did not buy. a man accused of shooting his wife and then getting shot by police is now facing charges. prosecutors have charged 37-year-old jose lebron with attempted murder. they say he refused to drop his
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gun last thursday when officers responded to the 400 block of east somerset street. he's accused of shooting his 48-year-old wife seven officers including philadelphia and septa officers opened fire on him. he's in stable condition. his wife is now in critical condition. >> philadelphia police are searching for a man suspected of robbing a family dollar store last week. he walked into the family dollar in overbrook at about 8:00 o'clock last sunday night. after bringing some stuff to the counter pulled out handgun, demanded money also wanted cigarettes. ultimately he stole about $123, and several cartons of cigarettes know who he is. give police a call. now to your fox 29 weather authority. as we take live look at allentown. some overnight storms making a mess in some areas but things are starting to dry out a little bit. >> meteorologist kathy orr joins us now with the first check of your forecast. so dramatic day yesterday. now you got things popping up again. >> oh yeah we have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for the lehigh valley. so that does include allentown. so take look at ultimate doppler
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behind me. this is the line right here from scranton and southwesterly direction just to the south of harrisburg and everything moving toward the southeast drenching downpours frequent lightning and some very strong winds. there is the cell. see that magenta color? that is the severe thunderstorm moving toward upper macungie, lower milford and also into richland. so we put a timer on this. they're moving toward the southeast at about 25 miles an hour and at that speed they'll be in lower macungie by 6:11. upper milford by 6:18. richland by 6:36 and perkasie by 6:50 if the storm holds togeth together. severe thunderstorm warning for berks and lehigh until 6:30 and once again these storms have a history of damaging winds. possibly in excess of 70 miles an hour. temperaturetemperatures still qm from philadelphia do you think and east. allentown. that will become rain cooled real soon. in the poconos we've already seen rain, sixty four degrees. land breeze down the shore ocean city 77. beach haven and the boardwalk in atlantic city at 74.
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so coming up we'll talk about more scattered thunderstorms that could be severe into the evening. the humidity will drop and then we'll get back to normal. do you remember what that is? >> i'll have your seven day coming up in just a few minutes. back to you. >> sounds good. talk toon, kathy. blackwood, new jersey, early this morning downed live wire started that right there. electrical fire on black horse pike near route 42 as of 5:30 in the morning route 42 going north was closed. we don't know of any injuries though everything is back to normal. another busy week kicks off for the trump administration. president trump is putting pressure on republicans to repeal and replace the affordable care act. the president is pushing forward with his hayes jenn toay despite his family being called to testify before congressional leaders on the russia investigation. fox news correspondent joel waldman has more from washington, d.c. >> reporter: with a critical health care vote planned for tomorrow, the president is not giving up and that's despite the russia controversy still swirling around the white house.
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>> obama care lies have caused nothing but pain. >> reporter: president trump meeting with so called victims obama care to put pressure on senate republicans to repeal and replace the affordable care act ahead of this week's procedural vote. >> so far senate republicans have not done their job in ending the obama care nightmare. they now have a chance, however, to hopefully, hopefully fix what has been so badly broken. >> reporter: meantime the president' son-in-law jared carner delivering a firm message of his own. >> let me be very clear. i did not collude with russia. nor do i know of anyone else in the campaign who did so. >> reporter: kushner reiterate wagon he said to senate investigators behind doors as well in this 11-page statement released beforehand. kushner claiming he had four contacts with russians during the campaign and transition but none were improper, nor impactful. and about that incomplete security clearance, he says it
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was a miss tack made by a staff assistant who submitted the form prematurely. >> donald trump had a better message and ran a smarter campaign and that is why he won. suggesting otherwise ridicules those who voted for him. >> reporter: democrats meanwhile firing back hard calling for kushner's security clearance to be denied. with a dnc saying kushner's repeated failures to accurately report his russia contacts would get most federal employees whose father-in-law's are not the president stripped of their security clearances and shown the door. ignorance is not an excuse at that high level of the government. >> kushner will testify before a closed door house panel tomorrow on on wednesday his brother-in-law donald, jr., will take a seat before the senate judiciary committee. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. fires gert sewing out of hand at one center city apartment building they're keeping residents up at night. they are worried another one is going to break out.
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authorities believe someone is setting them. they've been dealing with several in less than two weeks. fox 29's jeff cole live now in center city. what's going on, jeff? >> reporter: well you got it lucy. someone is in fact setting small fires in the luxury apartment building behind me. now the local ownership local management says it is working with investigators but some tenants are understandably deeply concerned. they're build as luxury apartment homes right smack in center city jfk boulevard and 18th. but all is not right here. >> a lot of us are really, you know, paranoid and fearful we're not getting sleep at night because we're kind of any noise that we hear we think it's you know, something that's going on we're jumping out of our rooms trying to check the hallways because nobody else is doing it. >> reporter: they're checking halls ways looking for the dangerous handy work of an arsonist. there have been five fives in eight days the last set on friday. somebody in the building is setting them. >> last thing i heard from, um,
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upper management was that believed it was a resident setting these fire. >> reporter: regional property manager says tonight the owner is working with federal alcohol, tobacco and firearms local police and the fire marshal. all are investigating. >> any time there's a fire in the apartment we're concern. our residents are what's most important right now. we'll make sure this doesn't happen again. >> o'hearn says someone set a shirt on fire and toured in a hallway as was a box. the fires have all been set on lower floors. there nor cameras there or in stairwells but the atf says it's taken images from an elevator camera. >> we're doing everything possible to make sure we resolve this and this doesn't ever happen again. >> report roar are you fearful there will be a bigger fire with much bigger consequence. >> every fire seemed to get bigger. the last one set off the sprinkler system on the sixth floor. so it is a concern that nobody is has been caught. >> reporter: 888atf fire. 888atf fire if you know anything about this some tenants want more security here.
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the local management says they do have people working the hallways at night. live in center city, i'm jeff cole. folks, back to you. >> all right, jeff, thank you. lotto winner is california is out of luck. what topped a father and son that could cost them $5 million. stress of being in a hospital impacts both patients and employees. how these furry friends are helping ease the anxiety. sean bell. football. that's right it's back. training cam is that here end we already have a guy coming out and making carson wentz live very problematic. check out an undrafted free agent who is already making noise much that's coming up later in sports.
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new video just into our newsroom of a police involved shooting in atlantic city. new jersey supreme court has ruled this dash cam video from march of 2014 should be released as a matter of public interest. >> the video as you can imagine is violent. that dash cam images they show
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the shooting death of ant and two watson of williamstown, new jersey. ac police shot and killed him after exchanging fire at missouri and atlantic avenues. we are freeze the video right before police shoot him. a grand jury declined to bring criminal charges again the police officers involved. saying the use of force was lawful. our shawnette wilson will have a full report tonight at 10:00 o'clock. >> a lot of people are talking about a lawsuit out of california tonight. >> a man suing the state and gas station over the winnings, big winnings on his scratch off lottery tick. here's what happened. his 16-year-old went into a gas station and bought his dad some scratch off lottery tickets. nice little gesture against all odds one of those tickets was a huge winner. $5 million. but the state won't give him the winnings. because you have to be 18 years old to buy lottery tickets. we'll have more on that later on, too. but some local lottery officials weighed in on that one. they said they might have given it to him.
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we'll see. >> we'll see. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. as we take live look outside over wildwood, new jersey. everyone enjoying a nice break from the recent heat. >> meteorologist kathy orr has a look at your seven day forecast in just 15 seconds. in weather a beautiful day with lower humidity but we still have a few storms to talk about. from the lehigh valley toward the south and west just to the north of lancaster this is all moving toward the southeast at about 25 miles an hour. we have one severe cell and you can see it right here for berks and lehigh county moving toward the southeast into allentown right now. right along 78 and it's moving toward upper milford. so this warning in effect until 6:30 this evening. very heavy rain and these storms do have a history of damaging winds in excess of 70 miles an
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hour. i haven't been able to see lot of hail out there mainly drenching downpours, frequent lightning and also some gusty winds that could create some damage. lower macungie you are in that region as well. rockland and they make it to lower milford and into upper hanover. please be aware of that if you hear that thunder, bring everyone inside and wait until this dangerous storm passes. today's high temperatures really mild and as we look at curly fries, i love this view of wildwood with that deep blue sky looking at a good deal of warm wather specialsly down the shore. atlantic city 89. will morning ton philadelphia 88. reading quake 86. allentown 84. trenton 82. 83 in pottstown. 77 in trenton. wrightstown 78. down the shore a land breeze for a change. hammonton along the expressway 85 but in ocean city 75. 76 in sea isle. 84 in wildwood. 86 in cape may and along lbi and beach haven you can see that wind beginning to shift a little bit out of the north 74 degrees there the ocean water
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temperature at 75. we'll go hour by hour with this line of storms and fox future cast has a good grip on that and between about 8:00 o'clock and 10:00 o'clock these storms will be moving through the philadelphia area. not everyone will see them but please keep your eye on the sky sky and keep a listen for those storms as they come through by 10:00 o'clock we're into south jersey and by 11, 12:00 o'clock we slowly move them offshore. tomorrow will be partly cloudy day with a chance of few spotty showers and thunderstorms. then once a front clears the region, we will be in the clear. now overnight tonight low temperatures mainly in the 60s with some muggy conditions still out there. tomorrow look for high temperature about 81 which is cool for this time of year. the normal high is 87. but it will feel pretty good down the shore temperatures will be fine as well another land breeze temperatures mainly in the 70s the ocean still mild. for our delaware beaches, 77 in low wes, 77 rehoboth. bethany beach at 79. the owing water temperature 74. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority after we
6:19 pm
get through tomorrow, we're going to be seeing more pleasant weather. wednesday's high 82. thursday chance of late day shower or storm, 85. look at friday. saturday, super sunday and next monday a lot of consistency. a good deal of sunshine and high temperatures in the 80s. you know what, it was a beautiful day for a special graduation. >> aww. >> we had a graduation for some four legged friends in camden. >> you know i love that. >> this is mazing these are dogs from tri-state k9 response team they came to lords health system today they can serve now as therapy dogs at the hospital after orientation with their owners the dogs received a diploma. >> look at his little hat. >> how cute people at the hospital say these dogs are very important to the staff and patients. they relieve stress, anxiety and bring feelings of joy and comfort. >> it's very calming. these are very well-trained dogs and so they can pick up on people's emotions.
6:20 pm
they are able to help patient p, for example who have had a stroke teach them to look to one side. the side that's been affected by their stroke, and people really respond to dogs. >> i want my pupped to this. i'll be hosting a fundraiser for this group of k9 dogs coming up in the fall. and you'll be hearing more about that. >> great stuff. >> i'm excited. >> you're going to have lots of fun. you shall get your pup into th that. she'd be great. >> i have an old english sheep dog much she's so cute. >> i digress, though. >> theirs there's one right there that looks just like her. see. >> nice. speaking of cute sean bell. >> hey. >> thank you now. >> hey now. >> yay! >> what do you think i'm going to talk about today? >> pups? yes, pups but footba football, football it's some more football the quarterback and the rooks highlight today and there's a couple young guys coming out of nowhere to make plays. see who is making a splash on the first day next in sports. turns out things aren't always what you think they are.
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the nnl is back. training cam is that here and we are all happy once again. you know it's a big deal when 80 members of the media show up just to watch 34 mares practice. only quarterbacks, rookies an few vets showed up to camp today the full team doesn't have to report until thursday where week away from full contact drills. but still any time there's football, guess what? i'm here for it the players participating in some seven on seven drills just jerseys and shorts. no pads. all eyes were, of course, on carson wentz and derek barnett eagles first round pick.
6:25 pm
barnett getting his first taste of training camp and afterwards he talked about his first day. >> i'm very excited to be back and just being around football and being around my teammates, because this is what i love to do. the not just a job to me because i love it. i'm passionate about it. >> two candidates for play of the day. this one handed catch by rookie free agent greg ward or how about this one, rookie cornerback ran doll daal gold forth intercepting wentz. goal forth is beyond a long shot to make this roster as undrafted free agent but -- >> i try to stay in the 3-foot ward. do my job. do what i'm coached to do and make plays. as long as you're making plays it gives you an opportunity to make the team. that's all i'm trying to do. >> quick note on one of the ve vets. jordan mix broke his hand during the off season. how he broke it we don't know. he had a procedure to fix it apparently it went well. he will be there on thursday but
6:26 pm
will have limited participation. >> to a little bit of tennis venus williams is here in philly less than two weeks from making the finals at wimbledon scholl play for the world team tennis against the freedom at hagan arena. and she can his tout. this is crazy. that right there is an eighth grader. 6-foot four, 286 pounds. guess what? nick is right next to him. offered him scholarship already in eighth grade. >> eighth grade. >> also he has scholarships from mississippi state and old miss. only eighth grade. listen, i think that's always terrible when you go that young. >> but the kid is 6-foot four, 286. >> so much could happen. >> my friends called them new mutants. >> remember when they kid that scholarship to eighth grade. he never made it to college. >> 6-foot four, 286. what are they drinking. >> that's it for us at 6:00.
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